Virtual Stories Studio

We create multimedia experiences based on virtual reality.
Let yourself be enchanted by the immersion of entertainment and the beauty of the picture.



Our Services


We digitize works of art and historical objects by manual 3D modeling as well as 3D scans. Our applications are used to promote the cultural and historical heritage of cities and regions. We organize multimedia exhibitions in galleries and cultural institutions across Poland and abroad.


We create visualizations of interiors, public spaces and small architecture presented as interactive, fully immersive 3D walkthroughs. Our applications can be used as sales tools for architects, office centers and construction markets. With customizable features of applications, your clients will be able to interact with the product in the real-time thus creating a remarkable and Read more


We develop VR games and entertainment applications for the leading desktop and mobile VR platforms. We work as a subcontractor at different stages of the game production cycle (3D graphics, prototyping of game mechanics and level design)


We create applications aimed at visualizing production processes and simulating almost any work environment. By means of the virtual reality, we help reduce the time and costs of employee training and, at the same time, ensure the mobility of the training platform.


We support sales by consumer behavior analysis in a simulated purchasing environment. We optimize customer buying experience in stores thanks to visual merchandising, advertising, and branding studies. Our applications for consumer studies are developed in close collaboration with Merit Lead, a research company from Wrocław.


We are your partner in the VR world. We help plan the virtual reality implementation strategy in companies and institutions and make the best of its potential for business development. We consult every stage of implementation, providing advice in terms of VR experience, hardware options, virtual station arrangement, and application marketing. Our comprehensive services include Read more

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